of the Greek Fauna

An online part of a gallery with outstanding photos from my digital camera.

Yanis Syllignakis photography


Ciconia ciconia IMG_9096.jpg

Ciconia ciconia IMG_9114.jpg

Ardea cinerea Img_9020.jpg


Platalea leucorodia IMG_9084.jpg

Pelecanus crispus IMG_9059.jpg

Pelecanus crispus Img_8916.jpg


Pelecanus crispus IMG_9062.jpg

Phalacrocorax carbo IMG_8949.jpg

Phalacrocorax carbo IMG_9012.jpg

Phoenicopterus ruber IMG_6720.jpg

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This page displays a part of my collection of outstanding photos from the Greek wild nature, by my digital camera.
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Yanis Syllignakis

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